Irish Peppermint Cocoa

It’s Christmas Time.  In our family that means a time to celebrate, eat, drink, and be merry!  In honor of the nearing Birthday, we are providing some of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions and recipes over the next couple of weeks.

Irish Peppermint Cocoa:

This is an unusual hot drink at a very cold time of year just off the coast of Lake Michigan when blustery winds blow and the snow keeps you cuddled up to your spouse.

Use a tall hot chocolate mug!

For each drink: 8 oz of water, 1 packet hot cocoa mix, 1 shot of Irish creme liquor, 1 shot of rum, marshmallows, chocolate shavings or chips, small peppermint candy cane

Heat water in either a teapot or in your mug in the microwave to a boil.  Slowly pour in hot cocoa mix and stir.  Pour in 1 shot of irish creme such as Bailey’s or Saint Brendan’s, 1 shot rum, and stir.  Top with marshmallows and chocolate shavings/chips.  Place a peppermint candy cane on side of mug for an extra festive look.

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