​Homelessness Hungry Poor Tax Cut

Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’ as the song goes.  Fussing and fighting over subjects which have been at issue for hundreds of years makes no sense to those of us who understand the real problem and the real solution.  The solution is looking at you but many are too blind to see and reluctant to emulsify the resolution in our system.

We’ve read explanation after explanation and just touched on the tip of the delinquent behavior of the way our monetary system is executed.   Explaining how to deduct zero from zero repetitively seems a bit redundant of the first grade elementary instructor’s teachings.  Corporations have gone for many, many years with the general population loathing how they pay little or no tax such as that the “nonprofits” pay.  

On the red carpet today, we have a President who has approved a tax bill to give a “TAX CUT” to Corporations.  Remember, bill means the government gets money, not the general population. Supposedly, this “Tax Cut” goes from about 35% in taxes for Corporations to 21.5%.  So if the song goes “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’”, how are Corporations getting a tax cut?

Our suspicion has been raised to the peak.  We thinks there’s somethin’ else going on in them thar hills (tax bill) that would make your head spin, if only we would take the time to read (how many pages was that again?).  

A president to make us proud would be the one that addresses the real problem instead of treating the population like children who can’t read.  Closing the loopholes in the tax code to prevent Corporations from hiring accountants who spend their days figuring out ways to avoid paying their fair share of the American Bill, fills the hearts of the people with pride in a way they would be honored to stand behind their president who puts an end to the American homelessness, the American hungry, and the American poor.  It don’t matter none what party they are affiliated. 

10 thoughts on “​Homelessness Hungry Poor Tax Cut

  1. Spot on, supposedly under the pretense that the corporations will pass the savings on to their employees. In my day I dealt with many corporate entities and I don’t recall ‘passing it along or sharing the wealth’ being in their mentality.


      1. Exactly. They’re the masters of ‘loop hole’ exploitation. I hand one brilliant corporate account tell me that was his job, find the loop holes.


  2. If I build a machine for a corporation that lets their employees do twice the work in half the time, the corp. should then pay their employees, if not twice as much, then at least a little more, or at least work them fewer hours for the same amount of money they were already making. Instead, most corporations today take machines like that (which are plentiful) fire half the employees, and expect those who remain to continue doing just as much work as the original workforce did before…or more, for the same pay that the individual had always received. Their greed is truly indescribable.

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