Mary Jane Farming

It seems, according to Ithaca, growing “herb” is now as hazardous to the environment as much as farting cows.  We will keep our opinion to ourselves concerning this particular subject giving you the opportunity to develop your own conclusions. We do have to say we find intelectual humor here. 

Our involvement in political subjects are suppressed as well as possible although almost every subject discussed has some political flavor.  Marijuana is high on the list (no pun intended) of politics but the humor has us at smile city.  

Marijuana is now markedly on the Environmentalist list of no, nos.  Ithaca College’s report will bring red lines to any pot smokers eyes. Keep an eye on those bills hitting Congress wanting a law to provide funds for those college students growing that crop to move it to a less environmentally damaging area.  Huh?  Yes, it sounds like jabberwocky and that is what Congress is good at.


Butt, for now, remember to keep those gas masks on your cows and over those growing plants.


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