A Bird in Hand

This little one decided our home was a tad warmer than the below zero weather outside.  He thought he would join us for the winter and didn’t even complain about the dust on the chain for the chandelier.  How sweet of him to point that out to us.


11 thoughts on “A Bird in Hand

    1. Teddy is such a cutie and has excellent taste both in friends and blogs. Thank you very much for the Mytery blog award, Teddy and Friends! We love hearing all about you and your exploits at https://teddythedogtalks.wordpress.com/2018/01/09/the-mystery-blogger-award/

      We hope to respond in kind in a day or so. Thank you for thinking of instaviewpoint.wordpress.com . We enjoy giving everyone a smile, a thought placed in their head, or just some fun facts that you might not have known. We appreciate all of the support everyone has given us and the boost in the butt to keep on keeping on!

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