Old Wives Tales

It was like visiting a childhood home.  Tears streamed down my face when I saw the damage a crane had purposely inflicted upon my old junior highschool. It was the school my Grandmother attended, the great James Dean attended, and the school that brought about so many stories, memories. 

The picture was taken a few years ago when visiting Fairmount Indiana. Another piece of history left only to pictures and old wives tales.


19 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales

  1. Structural damage and black mold had our congregation tear down our old church building in favor of a newer building. It was a sad and heartbreaking experience. Now the corner lot does not look the same but still draws your eyes … Often not much can be said of progress when it comes at such a high cost in memories. Thanks for sharing …

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  2. It is sad to see old buildings go. My old grammar school was demolished, then the place where I worked for more than 25 years is under demolition, and my childhood home was moved to another city when my father died and the farm was sold. It makes you realize how fragile life is too, like a vapor as the Good book says!

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  3. The elementary school I went to in Kingsville, Texas, was also attended by Jim Morrison of The Doors for a couple of years while his dad was stationed at the Naval Air Station there. It’s been closed for a couple of decades with the city determined to destroy it and the citizenry determined to save it.

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