The “ayes” have it

Round or oval windows are called “oculus” (Latin for eye).  We are curious what half round windows are called.  Would that be half oculus or half aye?  Does that mean maybe since its not a yes or a no?



6 thoughts on “The “ayes” have it

  1. That’s the trouble with asking people things – you get so many different answers!

    The word Ana was looking for is ‘oriel’, not Oriole – which is a bird. and it does not refer to the windows you are asking about – although such a window might have one as a part of the whole oriel window.

    The lunette Michael refers to is more accurately the half-moon shaped hole in a wall which may be a recess in stone or brick or other wall construction, sometimes filled with wood or painted in a fresco and rarely with glass, so as to make a window.

    The correct term is an arch window or, if it is a perfect semicircle in shape, then it can also be known as a radius window. They are most often seen on the top of square or rectangular windows (or above doors) as an architectural feature, as per your photo.

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      1. Your question, Armann and Kaymann, was “We are curious what half round windows are called?” NOT what is the name of the windows in the photograph. Lwbut answered the wrong question. I don’t know where he got his alternative facts about the lunette, “filled rarely with glass”????

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