That’s a lot of Bull

Cows were domesticated over 10,000 years ago according to DNA studies.  But are DNA tests what they are cracke dup to be?  We checked into some tests.

There are supposedly 12 companies that compete for your spit.  Send them a vial of your drool and they’ll send you a report about where you came from and from whom.  We wanted to know how they do that but didn’t know who to send our spit to.  So we went to an expert and read all about it  

An interesting read and we’ll be keeping our spit until the knowledge concerning DNA improves.  

Deja moo! That feelin you’ve heard that bull before.  


8 thoughts on “That’s a lot of Bull

  1. Apparently, police are now using DNA samples form these companies to convict criminals or their kin. Also, if insurance companies get hold of the samples and find critical illness traits, you can be referred illness. I just heard one example the other day, where a pair of twins sent their samples in and the lineage report came back totally different for each of them. Sounds like an inexact science with unintended consequences to me. Allan

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