No such thing! Seagull

The coastline of Lake Michigan at Michigan City Indiana USA is one of our favorite places to visit.  The diverse articles of subject matter keeps our inquisitive brain rolling.  Our attention was captured by this Seagull that wanted to play in the water when it was only 20 degrees outside.  She sparked our curiosity about Seagulls.

Supposedly, there is a  group of birds in the gull or tern family which contains more than 35 species.  The group received their name “sea” gull because of their habit of flying around coastal areas or over open water. (Note: if you are ever lost at sea and see a “sea”gull, you know land is sure to be found close by.) 

Around Lake Michigan area on the Indiana/Michigan side, three main species of gull are found, the Herring Gull, the Ring Billed Gull, and Bonaparte’s Gull. 

We aren’t sure what kind of Gull is in the picture.  We just know the Seagulls are enjoyable to watch as they complete their daily missions. 


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