Nuisance or Nutty?

Squirrels around here can be a pest but we love them for their ability to do agility tricks in our front yard, entertaining us while we eat our breakfast. Squirrel stories are everywhere and so are squirrels.  From Red Squirrel to Flying Squirrel, depending on your point of view, they can either be a nuisance or provide some nutty antics.

A few stories entailed humans building a bridge across roads for squirrels, causing thousands of dollars of damages to a car after building a nest in the engine compartment, to taking a ride on a plane.

Regardless of your perspective, these tiny little creatures provide hours of “entertainment” when their hijinks collide with human activities.


5 thoughts on “Nuisance or Nutty?

  1. Our grey squirrels are vocal in the trees at the bottom of our garden – I was wondering if yours are vocal? They communicate with each other a whining sound and a chirping sound. When I first heard it in the trees I thought it was a new bird in the garden. However the ones I see in the countryside seen quiet.

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