The Yo-Yo

If you were ever jealous of the fly being able to walk on the ceiling, the White Breasted Nuthatch will make you want to walk on walls.  This cute little bird moves up and down trees like a yo-yo.  We thought our squirrels were agile until we found this little guy running up and down the trunk of trees without a thought.  

We have lots of acorns around our forest lucky for the Nuthatch.  Their food supply ranges anywhere from nuts and seeds to insects and peanut butter. They take their food and store it haphazardly under dead bark and moss near their nesting sites.

Having some dead wood around is a benefit to many birds and other woodland creatures who make their home in wooded suburban areas, parks, and at edges of forests.  If you live in the woods, the White Breasted Nuthatch will thank you for not cutting down that dead tree.


3 thoughts on “The Yo-Yo

  1. Amazing post and this is the first time I know about this cute bird, I actually search Youtube and watched a wonderful video of these little pretty creatures! Hope they don’t cut the trees so all animals will be safe and their nests won’t fall or get destroyed.. Thank you again!

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