Pick Me!

Pick Me! Pick Me!  It’s a chance of a lifetime.  It’s your turn to pick!  Isn’t that exciting?! There are all kinds of Guitar Picks like in the picture.

Whether we are picking a new teammate, picking a person to date, picking a number out of a bag, or picking what to eat, making that pick can be an adventure and doesn’t always require a guitar pick.

Guitar picks have nothing to do with other kinds of picks like lock picks which are legal tools and has become a sport Germany.  In other countries, lock picking tools fit in the same category as crowbars or hammers meaning they are legal to have and use unless they are used to commit a crime or intent to commit a crime.  Use that lock pick or crowbar the wrong way and you’ll get some free room and board by the state.

In the recent past, those who received free room and board from the state also knew their way around a Pick, also known as a pick axe.  The Pick was used to remove stone, digging and landscaping state property.  

There are other kinds of picks such as the ice pick but our favorite remains the Guitar pick.  It can have a style of it’s own, fits snuggly in your pocket, and provides hours of entertainment when used in conjunction with a guitar

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