3 Second Memory

A Goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds.  Don’t worry, we’ll take off the sunglasses before we eat him.  He won’t remember a thing.


12 thoughts on “3 Second Memory

  1. I can’t tell you how deeply I’m tech– ah, I mean TOUCHED, yes touched to the very BIC by your fishy compassion! Larger than LIFE, that’s what it is!

    Well, I want you to know your tears, sweat, snot and, um, pure purple VINEGAR invested in this POIG-nant post have not be-en in VAAAAAIN…

    (Sob) (Hiccup) (Sniff)… (Sniffle)… (Well, dammit, ‘scuse me) (HOOOOOOONK!!!)…

    Indeeeeed, you have won the, at best, DU-bious satisfaction of knowing DEEEEP in your CRIN-ging CON-sciousness that you have succeeded in inspiring an AAA-colyte — a FO-llower — a — a — okay, a plain old STA-lker!…

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