Coyote Apples

Paying full price for items is not our style.  We’d prefer to catch a deal or help out a neighbor or friend by purchasing products they no longer need but work great.  It’s also a way to meet new people and enjoy life. During the summer we needed to pick up some gravel for our walkway and just happened to meet one of those “new” people and her dog. While doing so, she had an amusing little anecdote to tell us.

While we were clearing out some gravel where she wanted to grow grass, our new friend was telling us about the little apple orchard that sits behind her home.  She began to tell us that she wanted those apple trees cut down.  We looked at each other with puzzled faces as we couldn’t imagine why she would want to cut down full-sized well-producing apple trees.  She continued on telling us that the apple trees were drawing in the coyotes.  That a coyote chased her and her dog up to the back porch closing the door on the coyote’s nose.  

While the story was definitely not funny to her and wouldn’t be to anyone who ran from a coyote, it had us in stitches imagining the Wile E. Coyote scenario.  We are fairly certain that coyotes don’t eat apples being they are carnivorous animals but we are sure the hungry coyote would have made a very nice snack out of her dog if it had succeeded in catching the real prey.  

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