Bedknobs and Cookies

Just around the corner, Chellberg Farm entertains us with their maple syrup farm in the early spring.  We bundle up nice and warm to learn about how the trees are tapped with modern technology.  The hosts are very knowledgeable about how the Indians in the area extracted sap from the trees many years ago.  

The Swedish Chellberg Farmhouse was built in 1885 to replace the original that burnt in 1884.  During your tour of the Maple trees, snow can be flying chilling your veins to ice cold.  A relieving sight is the old farmhouse where you tour the old bedrooms furnished with all the latest amenities including a wood burning stove and brass bed.  Head on over to the kitchen where you’ll be offered syrup and cookies.

An amusing story that came out of our visit last year when we went to the kitchen to indulge in the cookies.  Armann, being a cookie connoisseur, reached for a handful of the best looking cookies.  The lady behind the counter reached down to smack his hands.  “Not those” she said sternly.  Armann looked at her as if she had broken his heart.  She pointed to a plate of very plain looking cookies and said “Those. You may have 1.”  Grumbling and broken hearted Armann took his one cookie and asked why he couldn’t have one of the good ones.  The lady responded “Those are for special people.”  We guessed Armann didn’t qualify at Chellberg Farms but he’s special to us.

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