Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country where you had few rules to follow, you knew what all the rules were because it’s just a handful, and freedom was actually freedom?  Guess what, we found that place.

In Paradise, gathering your own food is legal without a permit.  Driving your car? No need for a driver’s license.  Want a gun to protect your family from bears, mountain lions, thieves, and coyotes?  No problem, no license needed.  License plate for your car?  Why?  No need to buy a product to operate that vehicle, insurance.  Want to be a plumber or electrician?  OK, go ahead.  No test necessary.  Want to be a Realtor? It’s not going to cost you 500 dollars for books from the state, $100 to take a test nor $1200 to the Realtor Association to practice your trade.  Just go out there and sell that house.

Doesn’t this place sound wonderful?  The freedom to exercise your trade without being fined.  The ability to feed your family without being charged by your country to do so.  The ability to own a vehicle and drive it without being fined or forced to buy a product (insurance, a piece of paper, and a piece of metal) to do so.  All of these freedoms at your disposal. 

In this sort of country, problems generally take care of themselves.  When someone incompetent performs a trade for another, their ability to stay in business becomes impossible because no one will hire them.  Ever tried to complain to a trade board in recent years?  It ain’t no ice cream trip.  You fill out more paperwork than could ever be read by authorities and getting something done about a problem is almost non-existent.

Has anyone guessed where this Paradise country is?  If you are reading this, you are probably already there although in the wrong time.  Years ago, this was the United States.


10 thoughts on “Paradise

    1. Agreed. And, do we think that those same unscrupulous business people are not only one and the same who designed those regulations and who are now taking advantage of those same regulations?

      A vicious circle that should become a T with dead ends either way they turn.

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    1. Think…. citizens, not criminals, once did not need a license to purchase a weapon. Now, we must pay for a license for the “privilege” while criminals own guns we can’t legally purchase.

      From a Department of Justice study “DOJ interviewed over 18,000 felons currently in custody and a third of them had been shot at or scared off by an armed citizen. 80% admitted they avoided people or homes they thought might be armed.”


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