King of the Mountain

The title of this post brought back memories from childhood when, like the little bird in the picture, we played King of the Mountain.

It took several recalls to remember the name of the game when the goal was to prevent anyone from knocking you off the top of a pile of dirt. Many hours of fun and laughter without a phone or computer.

While we understand that children do still play outside, our internet search for the name of “King of the Mountain” returned computer game after computer game.

If you are searching for outdoor activities to play with your children, the people at this website have a list of 30. We have very fond memories of laughing and playing those games and some of them as adults like Red Rover, our favorite!

5 thoughts on “King of the Mountain

  1. Awesome. Practically all of which I played as a kid. When we still could run amok over playgrounds, laughing breathlessly, and defy gravity. I look forward to teaching my grandson these. Before he get his dad’s game controller.

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  2. We called it King of the Hill and loved playing it with friends & Family right along side of Red Rover and PomPom. We also were lucky to have a huge back yard and perfect tree separation for a great volleyball net. Thanx for the fun memories!!


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