Winter Weirdo

Here in northern Indiana by Lake Michigan, Bluebirds are “never” seen in January or February. This picture was taken by Lake Michigan in Frbruary.

11 thoughts on “Winter Weirdo

  1. Wow! We rarely see bluebirds in winter here in Williamsburg, Virginia – how amazing to see them near Lake Michigan in winter!!! Bluebird sightings are always special since they were my precious mama’s favorite bird (may she rest in peace.) Thank you for sharing these pics today!! 🌟💙🌟

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  2. We grew up in WI watching the animals for signs of the weather. Even out here in northeastern CO we still watch the critters. Freaks me out when they do stuff like this – not the norm. I always wonder what do they know that I am oblivious to?

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  3. Being just outside of Milwaukee in the Lake Country, all the songbirds leave around Halloween.
    I swear I heard song birds this week and last starting around Valentines Day.
    Being near zero Fahrenheit this week or at most the teens it was weird to hear their songs.
    I think they are now regretting getting here early. Hopefully a sign of early spring?

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