Turkey Day? In February?


8 thoughts on “Turkey Day? In February?

    1. We go for long walks around our area which is heavily wooded. One time we came upon a Tom and his two hens. This Tom was so protective, he sent his hens one direction, he went another. He waited for us, got our attention and practically begged us to chase him. His protectiveness was so cute!

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  1. I love catching critters in the wild. A few years ago we had a big flood out here. It was no problem for us except at our lowest level (where our creek runs) however it did bring up a bunch of wild buddies. We had a bourbon turkey at the time named appropriately “Whiskey” and he would call out at all hours of the day. His noise apparently attracted a couple of the wilds that were chased closer from the flooding. One male actually came right up in our yard – I have pics from it to remember him by. Our other oddities were skunks, snakes, opossum, muskrat and deer (however the deer are here just about year-round anyway – they sneak our cracked corn we throw out for birds in winter and eat the neighbor’s hayfield in summer – LOL). Gotta love nature – and thank you for the fun memories!

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