Which Way Did He Go?


2 thoughts on “Which Way Did He Go?

  1. We used to have peacocks. We got four of them free from some friends. That very first winter with them the peahen was so stupid she slept outside in a blizzard instead of going into the barn (always left an opening for the critters) with the rest. When we finally found her (buried in the snow) she was still alive but barely. Did everything we could be we lost her. There is a reason they are called “pea”cocks – their brain is the size of a pea and not very functional. They do make stellar guard dogs. Ours would scream out even when it was just someone stopping in front of our house to change drivers or check directions. They let us know when anything was out of place. Our yard light on the barn went out in the middle of the night and they screamed the whole rest of the night. I do miss them but then I am a bird nut. Chickes, geese, ducks, guineas, turkeys you name it, I love it.

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    1. Sorry about your experience with the peahen. They aren’t a cold hardy bird, that is lake Michigan blizzard cold hardy. We love them though and enjoy the announcements.

      Thank you for your input. We will remember to throw them inside when we see a storm blowing through!


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