Good Morning!  11/16/2022

Today’s Theme: Macro Milkweed

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Photo of the Day

Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana             

Good Morning! Today’s Theme: Macro Milkweed
LaPorte Indiana weather for 11/16/2022:
10 mph wind
Precipitation:  Snow and lots of it.

Todays Joke                    

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Fun Fact:  

  • Milkweed is also well known for attracting butterflies and serving as a host plant for their caterpillars. Perhaps most famously, milkweed species serve as the host plant for the monarch butterfly. Milkweeds in the genus Asclepias provide the only plant material monarch caterpillars can eat. And this popular plant hosts many more besides monarchs.


“If you are wealthy, be humble. Plants bend when they bear fruit.” 

Sai Baba

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