Good Morning! 12/2/2022

Today’s Theme: Reflection

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Photo of the Day

The reflectionnof two swans follow them as they discuss “what’s for dinner? “. Northwest Indiana October

Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana             

Good Morning World! Today’s Theme: Reflection
LaPorte Indiana weather for 12/2/2022:

35°currently, Feel: 29°
47/27° high/low
8 mph wind
Precipitation: Cloudy, possible rain showers this evening

Todays Joke                    

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Fun Fact:  

Reflections are usually caused by shiny things, such as MIRRORS, that show a reversed image of whatever is placed in front of them. The image seems to be as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it. Not only mirrors make reflections, however. Most objects reflect some of the light that falls on them.


““Even if you enter the dirty water, stay neat like a white swan!”.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Recipes to Try

Movie of the Week

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