Indoor Ducks

When our ducks were just wee little ones, it was really cold outside and we had no way to protect them from the elements so…they enjoyed the comfort of our office for a few weeks.  We wouldn’t suggest doing this to anyone.  They are very messy critters.  The Mallards evolved into beautiful mature adults and […]

Indoor Ducks

Dinner is Ready!

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We’ve had this picture displayed before but it’s just a beauty.  Our ducks are very unusual quackers.  They enjoy taking a stroll down the road to find duckie goodies in the woods and then return when we holler “Dinner is ready”.  Cute little buggers.

Dinner is Ready!

A Cold January Swim

A couple of female Mallards enjoying a swim in LaPorte County Indiana.

Mallards are “dabbling duck” that graze upon underwater vegetation.

Fun facts:

1. Duck’s feet can’t feel cold.

2. Duck’s quacks do echo

3. Ducks eat rocks.

4. Ducks have three eyelids.

5. Ducks have different names.

6. The fastest duck was a Red-breasted Merganser.

7. Ducks can fly as high as airplanes.

8. Ducks are hard to sneak up on.

9. Ducklings mature quickly.

10. Preening helps ducks stay dry.