They Like us, they really like us!

We have proudly accepted the Leibster award!  Thank you sk8sandhu , , for the honor.  

Answering the Leibster inquiry: 
 1) How do you define wandering? 

To go from anyplace in particular to anyplace in particular without hindrances.  There are few hindrances when wandering about with a camera listening to music,  trying to find beauty in this great big world of ours.  

2) How music impact your life? 

 Every Sunday, our “religion” calls us to sit on a throne to beat out our frustrations on a bunch of round tubs. 🙂  Seriously, we are surrounded by music constantly.  Rusty plays drums in a band and is a DJ on 96.7 the Eagle.  Kimberly plays and practices piano every day.  

3) Why you love cooking ?  

Baking is the real attraction to the kitchen.  Kimberly grew up around a lady who believed filling your belly was how to show her love.  Thank goodness she was also taught restraint for her overbearing chocolate sweet tooth.

4) which dish is your favourite?

Omg!  Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!  We all concur.

5) Why you feeling emotional while writing?

Emotions are the forefront of music, writing, and photography, each in its own way.  We sometimes indulge those emotions to extremes in a healthy way by using our talents to display or shed our emotions.

6) Which good and bad memory while writing an article or blog?  

We like to remember the good in life.  The best part about writing, photography, or anything you create is the pride you feel when you are proud of your work and someone else recognizes the quality hard work infused into the project.

7) What trigger your thoughts?

Anything and everything, from a picture taken without purpose or a word said without meaning, will spark the imagination to create a piece to reflect feelings during that specific point in time.

8) How you encounter depression?

We don’t actually believe depression is as widespread as many believe. We all have our good and bad days.  Clinical depression should be dealt with by a health professional.  However, a caring good friend or loved one will do more good by lending an ear on those days we hear the blues.

9) When you alone what you prefer to do?

That brings us back to question number one.  We do what we say and say what we mean, at least we try to follow that rule.

10) Why nature is important to us?

Nature is to be respected while it provides us with an atmosphere to live within.

11) What cause market imbalance and can bring “stable balance market”? please choice answer from below three?
*market behaviour.
* neoclassical equilibrium theories.
*democracy market theories.

Now that’s a loaded question.  We do our best to refrain from political posts.  Every once in awhile we engage our political tongue and indulge in our opinion.  However, we find the subject to bring discourse, the opposite of our goals.  Therefore, we try to stick to humor, beautiful  photographs, and unusual facts.
How was that for avoiding the question like a politician?!

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10.  Reflections From My World

1.  Why did you choose to blog about your chosen subject?
2.  Do you have a mentor that helped you or encouraged you to explore your talent?
3.  Did you have any problems learning how to blog?
4.  How much time a week do you spend on your blog?
5.  What are your hobbies other than what you write about?
6.  Have you always enjoyed writing or did you discover it later in life?
7.  How do you decide on the issue you choose to write about or photograph daily?
8.  Do you have family that encourages your blog?
9.  Do you use other social media sites that we can visit your work at?
10.  What do you like the most about blogging?

Thank you all for entertaining us with your writing, photography, and other types of talent.  We enjoy all of your hard work!