Deer Food

Nature has a beautiful way of decorating. Virginia creeper is a beautiful forest plant that displays its leaves along the side of trees. Plants like Virginia creeper contain water, sugar, protein, and nutrients, which makes them an ideal food source for deer


Stealing the Limelight

When a female Rouen Duck stands next to a male, he steals her limelight. She is a beautiful bird with a stunning two color pattern of browns.

We unfocused the male in this picture in order for the female to gather all the attention she deserves.

We love our comical ducks.

Yum, Milkweed and Thistle

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Milkweed and thistle may seem to be a noxious weeds to humans but to a butterfly its good eats.  When the Monarch butterfly is in the larvae or caterpillar stage, they eat only milkweed.  When they reach the adult stage, the butterfly, they consume all sorts of nectar and liquids including liquids from some of […]

Yum, Milkweed and Thistle


When you can’t get a spreading low growing plant to prosper, try bugleweed.  It’s actually beautiful when it blooms, can take lots of heavy traffic, and requires very little care.  Put a little purple in your life, grow some bugleweed.