It’s all Clover

The chance of finding a four leaf clover are slim.  Supposedly, the statistics show about 1 in 10,000 which is, relatively, better than winning most lotteries.  We thought we’d even up the odds to find our own four leaf clover.

Between 1913 and 1917, Edmund S. Conklin handed out a questionnaire asking if people believed 4 leaf clover is lucky.  A little over ¼ of college students believed Four Leaf Clovers are lucky which makes this superstition among the top two superstitions.

In 2008, a Korean team developed Jeju Lucky-1; a strain of clover that produces 4 leaves 60 percent of the time.  Our lucky has improved.  We can now have four leaf clover 60 percent of the time.  Our cow was pleased as well.

Oh Baby, You’re a Tiger!

Isn’t it terrible to be a stunning beauty and yet be thought of as monotonous or boring?  When single and dating, this can often be true but the beautiful Tiger Lily in the picture is anything but boring.  These flowers grace our ditches around NorthWest Indiana with the most stunning orange color display along the outskirts of our forests.  We want to know who gave them the nickname of “Ditch” Lily!