When one happens across a group of three, its often thought the third must be a “third wheel”. But, third wheels are oftentimes helpful especially when riding a bike or driving a trike.

The most famous of trios would have to be the Three Stooges or maybe the Three Amigos.

Having two very special friends has its advantages. You will always have one looking out or forward for you and the other covers your back.


Good Morning! 1/7/2023

Today’s Theme: Honey #photography #weather #jokes #facts #recipes #movies #morningvibes Photo of the Day Honey on donuts, cakes, and cookies pairs well with Northwest coffee. December Northwest Indiana Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana              Good Morning Friends! Today’s Theme: Honey. LaPorte Indiana weather for 1/7/2023:30°currently, Feel: 30°32°/22° high/low3 mph windPrecipitation: Partly Cloudy Today‘s Joke                     Join us on Twitter… Continue reading Good Morning! 1/7/2023

Good Morning! 1/6/2023

Today’s Theme: Bird Food #photography #weather #jokes #facts #recipes #movies #morningvibes Photo of the Day Making Bird food for hungry, feathered friends is easy to create with a few household items. December Northwest Indiana Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana              Good Morning Friends! Today’s Theme: Bird Food LaPorte Indiana weather for 1/6/2023:31°currently, Feel: 24°32°/25° high/low7 mph windPrecipitation: Cloudy… Continue reading Good Morning! 1/6/2023

Bedknobs and Cookies

Just around the corner, Chellberg Farm entertains us with their maple syrup farm in the early spring.  We bundle up nice and warm to learn about how the trees are tapped with modern technology.  The hosts are very knowledgeable about how the Indians in the area extracted sap from the trees many years ago.   […]

Bedknobs and Cookies

Obvious Choice

#photography #photooftheday #bridges

The one and only way to go is over the bridge.  You first.  Actually, there are more choices that just crossing the bridge.  While that is the obvious choice, the obvious and easiest are not always the best nor the right way to continue.  The path you take is your choice.  Taking the bridge will […]

Obvious Choice

#photography #photooftheday #bridges

Defending the USA

A military takes more than just those who take the spotlight. Each and every job is just as important as the next.

There are those without uniform, without pay, and without thanks who fight the good fight on our own soil and within their own homes to protect our country from the evils within our borders. They are also veterans.

Thank You!


The Park

A Fun adventure around Soldiers Memorial park in LaPorte Indiana on a Bright Fall Day.

Soldiers Memorial Park: The Entrance
Soldiers Memorial Park: Beautiful Reed Grass
Soldiers Memorial Park: A Place to Contemplate
Soldiers Memorial Park: A wooden bridge
Soldiers Memorial Park: Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Soldiers Memorial Park: Only The Geese Enjoy the Beach