Blustery Spring

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Blustery Spring

The Park

A Fun adventure around Soldiers Memorial park in LaPorte Indiana on a Bright Fall Day.

Soldiers Memorial Park: The Entrance
Soldiers Memorial Park: Beautiful Reed Grass
Soldiers Memorial Park: A Place to Contemplate
Soldiers Memorial Park: A wooden bridge
Soldiers Memorial Park: Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Soldiers Memorial Park: Only The Geese Enjoy the Beach

A Cold January Swim

A couple of female Mallards enjoying a swim in LaPorte County Indiana.

Mallards are “dabbling duck” that graze upon underwater vegetation.

Fun facts:

1. Duck’s feet can’t feel cold.

2. Duck’s quacks do echo

3. Ducks eat rocks.

4. Ducks have three eyelids.

5. Ducks have different names.

6. The fastest duck was a Red-breasted Merganser.

7. Ducks can fly as high as airplanes.

8. Ducks are hard to sneak up on.

9. Ducklings mature quickly.

10. Preening helps ducks stay dry.