Goose Beach

It’s not always good to get a goose. Some refer to geese as a wonderful Christmas dinner, others find them to be beautiful birds of nature but when it comes to someone giving you a goose on the behind it can be a real b@#√óch.

Mmmmmm, Grassss

While deer and other animals have a innate love for green grass, humans remain in a paradox with the fine green blades.

Our summers are filled with going to the market for a full gas can, mowing through the farm stores to find a good blade chopper, and spending hours upon hours upon a small steel horse only to allow us to stand in awe at that luscious, just-cut green carpet.

Yes, our love-hate relationship with our yards appears to be neverending. In all of these years of spending precious summer hours tending to deer feed, humans are yet to find a replacement more suitable for our taste than that of a deer.