Negative What?

We don’t know what the exact wind chill was but it was Cold!  It was like looking in the freezer section of our Fridigidaire refrigerator.



We had a great time in the below zero weather taking pictures of our “snowbow.”

According to Christopher Baird a physics professor “Strictly speaking, a rainbow is defined as only caused by raindrops. However, the exact same physics that happens in raindrops also happens in snow and ice crystals and so they can also create color patterns similar to rainbows. They are just not called “rainbows”. They are called “icebows”, “halos”, “sun dogs” or “arcs”. Because ice and snow crystals have more complicated shapes than spherical raindrops, they can create more complicated color patterns than regular rainbows.”

So there you have it.  Our “Snowbow” explained.  We just think it’s pretty whatever you call it.

Time for 2018

We would like to thank all of our friends, both old and new, for the very appreciated support.  We are here for you.  We look forward to the bountiful New Year with you by our side.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!