Made for Photos

Thus beautiful pup was made for photography. His gorgeous soul shines right through those stunning eyes.


Stealing the Limelight

When a female Rouen Duck stands next to a male, he steals her limelight. She is a beautiful bird with a stunning two color pattern of browns.

We unfocused the male in this picture in order for the female to gather all the attention she deserves.

We love our comical ducks.

The Uphill Zoo

Out the door with nothing but the spouse and a camera, we land at the local Michigan City Zoo where we interacted with the parakeets, mooed at the Brahmas, and played peekaboo with the Tamarins.

The highlights of the adventure started with finding the ever hidden mountain lion who seem to always disappear at the sight of a camera. Natalie, a worker who was feeding the Great Horned owl, explained how timid and skittish the beast of a bird could be by not even attempting dinner until all the workers have cleared her part of the zoo. The bears, as always, are a big hit showing off by frolicking in their waterfall and really playing it up for their audience.

The leading animal at the Michigan City Zoo had to be the otters. The three of them just loved being alive, playing in the water, even including us in their antics by swimming around the crawl -through, underwater tunnel, and enjoyed a simulated pet through plexiglass. New friends, gotta love’em.

But still, the best part of all was holding hands with the one I love, eating ice cream with him and enjoying smiles and laughter that will last a lifetime. He took the bear picture, by the way, with a cell phone camera. Perfect.