Good Morning!  11/10/2022

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Falling For Farms

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Falling For Farms

The Significance of One

The below written by our guest blogger Misty from Life Between the Dishes

The Significance of One

By Misty

January 3 2020

Leaves are the breathing machines of plants. They contain the sunshine converting tools to create the energy containing and life sustaining molecules that most life on Earth relies on.

Leaves use the waste product from living things to make food and then sacrifice themselves for the good of others.

The water molecules soaked into a plant are split and the oxygen that is released provides the air for the aerobic organisms around the world.

Leaves make much life possible.

Food from waste and air from water…living proof for the wonder of creation.
Do you see that when you look at a leaf?

Do you see the food supply that it provides? Do you see the air supply that we rely on?
So, when they fall, how do you feel?

Is it the end of life? No. It is merely a break. The overall plant needs a break and a chance to renew and revive in the coming season.

The leaves’ machinery breaks down and they are no longer useful. The plant must get rid of the parts that no longer serve a purpose.

Sometimes we all need a break. We may seem insignificant and feel that nothing we do matters.

But each of us is a leaf in the big scheme of things. We all serve a purpose.
We may only provide one breath, but that one may be the most important breath someone else will ever take.

We may only provide one morsel of food. But that one morsel, may give the energy for someone else to carry on.

We may drop and shrivel and crunch under pressure, but the lasting effects are left behind.
The leaf may fall, but the plant remains. The next season will begin and new leaves will take up the responsibility of sharing the necessities of life.

So, although the fall leaves signify an end, they also point to hope for the future.

What legacy will you “leaf” behind?

By: Misty
Life Between the Dishes