I See You

Deer become trusting after only a fee months of watching humans from afar. They soon approach those who pay them no attention and will often graze with just a few feet. LaPorte County is lucky to have an abundance of these beautiful creatures.

Needing Attention 

Whether you are hunting them with a bow for food or shooting them with a camera, Whitetail deer are beautiful creatures.  Their stealth ability in the middle of a forest in unbeatable and perception of their surroundings unmatchable.
Deer can hear ultrasonic sounds meaning sounds which humans can’t hear.  Humans hear sound that has frequency ranging between 20Hz and 20,000Hz.  A Human’s hearing is best between 2000 and 5000 hertz.  A deer hearing is more sensitive to frequencies between 4000 and 8000.  Although they obviously have better hearing than us, their ability to reason is a little lack.  Seriously, who ever heard of running out in front of a car to get attention!