Down on the Farm

Jimmy Dean sang it correctly “Down on the Farm. “


The Side Road

Horses can be downright inquisitive.

Our new puppy was going along for a ride in the truck when all of the sudden nature called her to a grassy area. This time, we just happened alongside an area where horses were kept.  The little DoobieDoo was enchanted by those four legged giants until all of the sudden, the herd srampeded toward us.  The 5 pound little ball of fire became the little girl hiding behind her mother’s legs! 

We always enjoy the side road adventures!

Nose blow

We have to admit that one of our favorite scheduled events during the summer is the LaPorte County Fair with long leisurely walks through the horse barn. One horse in particular caught our eye.

He looks just like any other horse except for when you start talking to him. If a clown was ever trapped in a horse’s body, this was it.

His owners attached a pinwheel to the door of his stall, which we found odd until the reason why put smiles on our faces. This equine lifted his head , took a deep breath, and blew as hard as he could on that pinwheel. Believe it. A horse who knew how to use a pinwheel! Astonishing.