Three Stooges

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Three Stooges

Indian Invasions at Door Village Festival 2022

September 11 2022

by Kimberly Mann

An absolutely beautiful day for the Door Village Festival LaPorte County Indiana, September 10 2022.  We were greeted at the entrance by a couple of smiling faces, adorned by gorgeous chrysanthemums and fall decorations donated by Burek Farms, welcoming us to a historic part of LaPorte County.  The Door Village Festival was fun for all including the gentle beasts grazing the area.

The welcome mat was all laid out as we arrived at the entrance to Door Village Festival.  The “parking people” were more than happy to find us a shaded grassy spot for our four wheel gas economizer.  Entering the park, the welcoming committee made sure we could find our way around the area to take in all of the delightful activities.

The tour started with the most familiar sight in Midwestern USA, the twin John Deere tractors displaying their famous green and yellow insignia.  The horsepower revved up tad when we met a new friend, Tom, owner of a 1966-67? Chevy II with a corvette motor surgically implanted into the engine compartment. 

The car show was a tour back into history with Porsche, Chevrolet, Studebaker, making headlines.  Meeting new friends and talking with old friends always makes for a good time.

Beautiful scenery could be found right on the park grounds where new greenery cascaded over old iron.

The organizers of Door Village Festival worked diligently to take visitors back in time to when Indians roamed the area, their home, living in teepees and enjoying the vast abundance of buffalo and rich soil. Settlers began trading liquor with the friendly Indians and farming the land which included cash crops like corn and livestock farming.

Fishing wasn’t an abundant commercial activity in the area but for newcomers, it’s a fun activity.  No need for nets or fishing rods.  Just reach in and grab yourself some supper.

The highlight of the event had to be the wagon ride pulled by Belgian horses named Sadie and Tess.  The guide was very informative of history of the area including how Door Village was the main trail around LaPorte County used by travelers for trade and industry until the railroad was built a few miles north of town.  Door Village had built a fort to protect themselves from an Indian invasion. 

Now, Door Village is a quaint town with farming and animal husbandry practiced daily.  The memories of what was are displayed with pride by the Old School Bell still ringing as proud as the day it first rang to bring in the local youngins’.

The Uphill Zoo

Out the door with nothing but the spouse and a camera, we land at the local Michigan City Zoo where we interacted with the parakeets, mooed at the Brahmas, and played peekaboo with the Tamarins.

The highlights of the adventure started with finding the ever hidden mountain lion who seem to always disappear at the sight of a camera. Natalie, a worker who was feeding the Great Horned owl, explained how timid and skittish the beast of a bird could be by not even attempting dinner until all the workers have cleared her part of the zoo. The bears, as always, are a big hit showing off by frolicking in their waterfall and really playing it up for their audience.

The leading animal at the Michigan City Zoo had to be the otters. The three of them just loved being alive, playing in the water, even including us in their antics by swimming around the crawl -through, underwater tunnel, and enjoyed a simulated pet through plexiglass. New friends, gotta love’em.

But still, the best part of all was holding hands with the one I love, eating ice cream with him and enjoying smiles and laughter that will last a lifetime. He took the bear picture, by the way, with a cell phone camera. Perfect.