A Welcome Thief

A cute young doe steals our heart as she fills her grumbling tummy!



When one happens across a group of three, its often thought the third must be a “third wheel”. But, third wheels are oftentimes helpful especially when riding a bike or driving a trike.

The most famous of trios would have to be the Three Stooges or maybe the Three Amigos.

Having two very special friends has its advantages. You will always have one looking out or forward for you and the other covers your back.

A Little Winter Blues

Bluebirds are not often seen in Northern Indiana during the cold winter months. This little guy was braving the brutal winds drawn up by the local weather enforcer, Lake Michigan.


In the world of nature, survival is all that matters. Its a life or death game of eat or expire. Predatory animals are often compared to politicians as an insult to the animal.


Some animals are spotted, some multiple colors, but black and white stripes are always associated with Zebra. This beautiful member of the equine family resides at the Washington park zoo in Michigan City Indiana.