It’s A Big World

When we are under stress and feel alone, the world can seem humongous!


Good Morning! 1/6/2023

Today’s Theme: Bird Food #photography #weather #jokes #facts #recipes #movies #morningvibes Photo of the Day Making Bird food for hungry, feathered friends is easy to create with a few household items. December Northwest Indiana Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana              Good Morning Friends! Today’s Theme: Bird Food LaPorte Indiana weather for 1/6/2023:31°currently, Feel: 24°32°/25° high/low7 mph windPrecipitation: Cloudy… Continue reading Good Morning! 1/6/2023


The cymbols of a drummers set is the one definitive sound we can all recognize. It is a symbol of a high point, crescendo, in music that makes a statement about the music.

Like the cymbol’ s sound, we all have symbols that stand out in our lives. Make your symbol to everyone recognizable, stand out from the crowd!