Little House on the Lake

This beautiful beach lovers home sits on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan’s astounding scenery. You can just imagine sitting in the living room watching the fishing boats return from a long days work.


Sunsets have an appeal to people who like to see the ending of the day. Days always end with a bang when it comes to sunsets. Each one is different and provides a spectacular view regardless of where you are located. This sunset was over Lake Michigan in Indiana.

The Giraffe Bird

If you are lucky enough to see Sandhill cranes in person, you’ll understand why we call them Giraffe birds. They have extremely long necks compared to their body size.

Sandhill crane colors blend right in with their habitat like swampy marshes or fields close to a source of water. Beautiful birds. This picture was taken in a marshy area just a 1/2 mile or so from Lake Michigan.