Yum, Milkweed and Thistle

Milkweed and thistle may seem to be a noxious weeds to humans but to a butterfly its good eats.  When the Monarch butterfly is in the larvae or caterpillar stage, they eat only milkweed.  When they reach the adult stage, the butterfly, they consume all sorts of nectar and liquids including liquids from some of… Continue reading Yum, Milkweed and Thistle

The Yo-Yo

If you were ever jealous of the fly being able to walk on the ceiling, the White Breasted Nuthatch will make you want to walk on walls.  This cute little bird moves up and down trees like a yo-yo.  We thought our squirrels were agile until we found this little guy running up and down… Continue reading The Yo-Yo

Experience the Day You Have

“In autumn, we refuse to see the beauty before us.  We tend to look back and see the end of days at the beach, fishing with friends, and parties on the patio.  We see into the future imagining cold noses, snow banks, and icicles.  Enjoy the day at hand regardless of the season.  Hot, cold or in between today is here, tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday is gone.” Kimberly Mann