Must Be a Guy!


The European Starling will often evict the Red-bellied Woodpecker from its nest. The male has a wider tongue tip and longer bill than the female, allowing him to reach deeper into crevices to find prey. Studies have shown the male forages on the tree trunk, while the female forages mostly on limbs.

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A Loaf of Bread

Have you ever went somewhere thinking you were going to get a great deal when it ended up being one of the most expensive trips you ever took.  That’s our “Lighthouse Place” open air mall in Michigan City Indiana USA full of outlet stores with some of the best brand names in business.  We toured from Michael Korrs, to Levi, to Bed Bath and Beyond, to Hilfiger, Aeropostle, The Loft, and dozens more only to come to our senses and leave with a loaf of bread from Pepperidge Farms and this lousy picture.