Hunger for the Crumb!

There are times when food is so good, ya just gotta take a pic. Delicious Crumb Cake!


Striking Greens

Geraniums are stunning summer flowers. During the winter in the Northern part of Indiana, we bring ours inside to enjoy their beauty all winter long!

Snow Catcher

Our love for nature. Winter holds beauty in small places. Bushes hold their beanches upright to catch earth’s cold version of water creating stunning, glittering balls of snow.

The Bog

Sandhill Cranes are very common during the fall season around Lake Michigan area. The bogs are very attractive to cranes for their amphibian wildlife.

A Survivalist

The bald Eagle is absolutely beautiful with its pronounced beak and stinning white feathers. Predatory animals understand life as nature intended, survival.

Inspired by Art

Today is inspire your heart with art day. We took them seriously and found several art forms in this photograph. 1. The Photograph 2. The art of making musical instruments 2. The art of playing musical instruments 3. Gods art of conducting all of this to happen.

There’s more. Can you find them?

A Quiet Getaway

Our lives are often crowded with concrete and steel surrounding our world. Leave it all behind and take a breather to a quiet and less demanding get-away.

Just Lounging Around

Jack Russells are often running around the house checking to make sure everyone is completing their daily chores. This one needed a few minutes to herself to lounge in the entryway.

Ooh, Ooh, Its A Snake!

This rooster was very good at protecting his flock until he saw the most biggest gigantous snake in the world! LOL

Natural Tattoo

Dalmatians are known as the Firemans Friend since before the invention of the gasoline engine, running interference for the “fire truck” while the horses delivered their payload. Each Dalmatian is tattooed naturally by nature.