Nothing more than memories…

Memories invoke feelings and the song written by Morris Albert back in the 1970’s was as mushy as you could get.  We couldn’t really find anyone that really liked this song other than it’s enjoyable to sing off key to.  Feelings hit number 6 on the top 100 cart.  The reason:  we assume it was a fun song to vandalize with your voice.


7 thoughts on “Memories 

  1. When ever I read Morris Albert Feelings or hear it, I immediately remember one of the few times as a child I went to the cinema. I was with my mammy and both of us were crying as a young man tried desperately to finish a swimming race. He was dying, and trying to prove he mattered, despite most people rejecting him. It was a film called Last Feelings, Italian made (dubbed into English I presume) from 1978. I still see a snapshot of that film to this day. The sentimentality of the song fitted the movie perfectly.

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