Mmmmmm, Grassss

While deer and other animals have a innate love for green grass, humans remain in a paradox with the fine green blades.

Our summers are filled with going to the market for a full gas can, mowing through the farm stores to find a good blade chopper, and spending hours upon hours upon a small steel horse only to allow us to stand in awe at that luscious, just-cut green carpet.

Yes, our love-hate relationship with our yards appears to be neverending. In all of these years of spending precious summer hours tending to deer feed, humans are yet to find a replacement more suitable for our taste than that of a deer.


One thought on “Mmmmmm, Grassss

  1. beautiful
    around year three of the last California drought…..we dug up the front/back yards , laid down some hardware cloth (gophers) and weed cloth and scaped in crushed rocks….yeah…I’m that guy with that yard
    there is now minimal vegetation to mitigate water usage…we do raised planter gardening year-round

    mowing is a thing of the past here in the state where we prefer to ignore the obvious and neglect basic infrastructure to the detriment of any real expectancy of standard of living

    Grass is the stuff of life….in all its forms from simple natural fields, wheat, corn….a thing of the past here for all pragmatic intents and purposes. Lots of people still have grass yards, ignoring the “waste” we’ve been told it is.


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