The Gray Ghost

Weimeraners are gorgeous hunting dogs. They also make great pets.

Born with the silver gray, gray, or blue coat, they are a medium-large sized dog similar to a labrador. They shed very little and do not need a groomer.

Their personality is happy, friendly and joyful but will protect their family. Smart, loyal, and a complete joy to own. They make great service dogs!


Chair Art

While driving the backroads of Michigan, we came across an arts district in the south western part of the state. These chairs were gently placed on top of a garage against a building.

Spring is Coming!

Focus on the Future! Spring is right around the corner and will once again astound you with her beauty!

Sunbathing Buck

Bucks are generally very elusive creatures. They tend to stay near the edge og a forest or deep within except during rut (mating) season. We caught this one enjoying the sun.

Valentine plants

As humans, we often get into ruts with our traditions, tending to believe we need to fall in line with everyone. Break the trend this Vslentine’s day. Instead of roses, give your loved one a plant with flowers. Every time the plant is watered, its a reminder that you are growing for them.

Striking Greens

Geraniums are stunning summer flowers. During the winter in the Northern part of Indiana, we bring ours inside to enjoy their beauty all winter long!

Snow Catcher

Our love for nature. Winter holds beauty in small places. Bushes hold their beanches upright to catch earth’s cold version of water creating stunning, glittering balls of snow.

The Bog

Sandhill Cranes are very common during the fall season around Lake Michigan area. The bogs are very attractive to cranes for their amphibian wildlife.