Good Morning! 11/30/2022

Today’s Theme: Aquatic

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Photo of the Day

A lake full of upper and lower aquatic activities from the invisible snails slinking along on the lake floor to the Sandhill cranes removing the excess amphibians. Northwest Indiana October

Todays Weather              LaPorte Indiana             

Good Morning World! Today’s Theme: Aquatic
LaPorte Indiana weather for 11/30/2022:
27°currently, Feel: 12°
31/19° high/low
19 mph wind
Precipitation: Partly sunny and Wind.

Todays Joke                    

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Fun Fact:  

The aquatic biome is divided into freshwater and marine regions. Freshwater regions, such as lakes and rivers, have a low salt concentration. Marine regions, such as estuaries and the ocean, have higher salt concentrations.


“A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.”.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Recipes to Try

Movie of the Week

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